Old Burying Ground

Caldwell, NJ's Revolutionary War Veterans

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In the tragedy of war, it is said that there is no fate worse than being forgotten. If this is true, our Revolutionary War heroes are among the worst affected. Two hundred forty years after their great sacrifice was made for the cause of freedom, the common soldier of the American Revolution remains unnamed and forgotten to history. Few records were kept at the time and fewer still survive to this day. Our project is dedicated to the soldiers of Essex County, who are now interred in the Old Burying Ground, adjacent to the First Presbyterian Church at Caldwell. Their stories were researched, written, and narrated entirely by volunteers with a passion for history, and a conviction that the men who built this community should ever be immortalized by it.

To view the list of Revolutionary War veterans buried in Caldwell's Old Burying Ground (with further information, including biographies and photographs), click here.