Daniel Beach



Daniel Beach was born on November 16th, 1743 in Newark, New Jersey to Josiah Beach and Anna Day. In 1769, at the age of 26, he married Joanna Pierson. The couple had eight children: Thomas, Mehetable (1771), Jonathan (1773), Nathaniel (1776), Maria (1778), Charles (1781), Sarah (1784), and Daniel D. (1787).

During the Revolutionary War, Beach served as a private in Captain Gilliam’s Company and later served as a quartermaster in NJ Troops according to a descendant’s DAR filing. Stryker records him as a private in the Essex Militia.

Beach died on December 31st, 1824 at the age of 81. He wrote his will the previous October 24, leaving his wife, Joanna, his real estate, half of his dwelling house – the half she may choose, furniture, feather beds and “the use of moneys that have arisen from the property which belonged to her previous to our marriage, amounting to twenty four hundred dollars.” It seems Joanna may have held significant property in her own name. He also left significant acreage and buildings. He owned a salt meadow in Caldwell in the Great Pease(sic) Meadows adjoining the Passaic River, leaving half each to Jonathan and Daniel. He owned a salt meadow near Newark. He also left black male servants, possibly “Joel” Jack and Ben to his son Jonathan, and Frank and Harry. He owned shares in the turnpike road.

He left cash to his daughters, Mehetable, wife of David Crane, $2,360, Mary, wife of Samuel Camp, $3,170. He left Sarah (Sally) wife of Doctor Jeptha B Munn $750 He is buried at the First Presbyterian Church in Caldwell, NJ. Joanna died few days after Daniel, on January 7, 1825.