Enos Williams

c. 1751-1811


Enos Williams was born about 1751 to Zadoc and Rachel Kent Williams in the County of Essex, in the state of New Jersey. At the age of 22, he married Susannah Ogden in 1773. Susannah was the daughter of Samuel and Phebe Baldwin Ogden and the older sister of three Revolutionary War soldiers; John, David and Simeon Ogden. Genealogy records indicate that the couple had 9 children.

The Revolutionary War Military Service Records show that Enos may have served throughout the war. He is listed as a Private in Seely’s Regiment and Captain Thomas Williams’ Battalion. A surviving Pay Roll record from May the 8th to July the 8th 1777 shows Private Eanos Williams in this Battalion along with Zadock and Eleazer Williams, his father and his uncle, also Privates John and David Ogden, two of his brothers-in-law. Enos survived the war and returned home to the Caldwell area to live out his life with his wife Susannah and their family. Enos died on March 9, 1811, at the age of 60 and is buried in the Caldwell Presbyterian Burying Ground.

Susannah passed away in 1811. It is not clear based on the records, which spouse died first, as they both died in the same year, however, in an Abstract of Wills it shows that on March 16, 1811, it was deemed that an inventory of “cider spirits” should be sold so that Williams’ widow could buy things for her “immediate comfort”, indicating that she did out live her husband for a least a short time.