Josiah Steele, Jr.



Josiah Steele, Jr. is an American Revolutionary War Veteran buried in the Old Burying Ground at Caldwell NJ. He was born on August 24, 1760 in West Hartford Connecticut. Josiah served with the Continental Army in the First Connecticut . Family history has him leaving Yale College in 1777.

He served for 3 years with the 6th Company, 3rd Battalion under Captain William Judd and Colonel Samuel Wyllis, then the First Battalion under Captain John Barnard. He was promoted to 1st Sergeant in July 1780 under Simon Spaulding and Colonel John Dunkee of the 4th Company of the 1st Connecticut. He finished his “length of war” service with the 6th Company of the First Connecticut under Colonel Zebulon Butler.

In 1785 he moved to Essex County and bought land. He set up a school after the Revolution in 1785 at Centerville (now Roseland). He married Phoebe Smith, daughter of John Smith and Elizabeth Williams on August 15, 1790 at First Presbyterian, Caldwell.

He had 10 children born in Caldwell between 1791 and 1811.

Josiah 1791, Amanda 1793, Elizabeth 1795, Marshfield 1797, Phebe 1799, Matilda 1801, George Colton 1804, Aaron Williams 1806, Lot Chester 1808, John Amzi 1811

Josiah died on October 23, 1836. He was laid to rest in the Old Burying Ground in Caldwell. His wife, Phebe, passed away on December 7, 1847 at the age of 75. She is buried with him.