Gen. William Gould



William Gould is a citizen of the Garden State and of whom New Jersey and our United States can be proud. September 27th, 1757 saw his birth in Caldwell. His father Thomas Gould was born in 1710 in Essex County and his mother Sarah Johnson was born June 16, 1712 in Staten Island, Richmond County, New York. Young Gould was raised on a farm comprising 300 acres. It is on Roseland Avenue in what is now Essex Fells. He grew to carry on bar, saw, and gristmill businesses. Further, he maintained tanning, currying, shoemaking, and blacksmithing occupations. He married Mehetable Crane on November 2nd, 1779 in Caldwell and together they had twelve children.

Gould’s military service is singularly distinct. At what is today the impressively young age of 18, he enlisted and served in the Second Regiment of New Jersey. He fought in the Battles of Springfield and Monmouth. A pension of $80 per year was given for his Revolutionary services.

After our Revolution, his lifetime community service was as Justice of the Peace and member of the N.J. State Legislature from 1805 to 1827. In 1784, Gould helped in laying the foundation and building the structure of the Caldwell Presbyterian Church and was an Elder to the time of his death. He held other offices of trust and honor.

On September 20th, 1794, he was commissioned a Major of the First Battalion, 2nd N.J. Militia Regiment in the Pennsylvania Insurrection. This was a military expedition into western Pennsylvania to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion. From September 3rd to December 24, 1794, Major Gould served alongside Captain Isaiah Wool’s Company of Infantry, 2nd Regiment, New Jersey Detached Militia.

While discharged from service at the end of the PA Insurrection, his work for his country was not over. During the War of 1812, Gould attained the rank of Brevet Brigadier General.

His manner was a man of dignity and courtesy, with an amiable disposition and industrious habits. His character was irreproachable and as remarkable for devotion to his country as for integrity in the trust given to him.

A genuine patriot, a useful citizen, a true Christian, this virtuous man in all respects, General William Gould died peacefully on February 12, 1847 in his hometown of Caldwell, N.J.